Telecommunication services

Tunnel communications, mobile telephony inside buildings & POLYCOM, LTE & DAB+ in basement garages and mobile phone detection

Based on our extensive experience, we can offer you a wide range of mobile communication services. Whether your problem calls for us to provide you with a system solution, an installation and commissioning service or the optimisation and operation of your system - we'll act as your partner in the high-quality implementation of your ideas, combined with a fair relationship between price and performance. Take a look at the services we provide in the telecommunications sector, or contact us with an individual enquiry – we will be pleased to offer you our advice!

System solution

Starting out from your need for a wireless telecommunications connection for the staff in your office, or for your car in a basement garage, we can ensure that you enjoy secure reception throughout the building.  On your behalf, we design the wireless communications infrastructure for your entire premises (or perhaps for a tunnel, a car park, a vehicle or an area that isn't currently served). This not only means that your car will be able to communicate with the necessary servers when it's in the garage, or with your app - but that you and your tenants or your staff will benefit from excellent communications at all times .

Installation and commissioning

We install infrastructure products in the telecommunications market, and bring them into operation. These products include masts, antennae, antenna cables, leaky feeders, HF cables, earthing cables, radio relay systems, electronics cabinets, etc. The area of activity ranges from buildings to tunnels to means of transportation, such as trains, buses and boats. We check systems for sufficient PIM values and radio coverage so that they will provide a fault-free connection. Our range of services also includes supplementary systems such as electrical power systems, power cables and telecomms data networks

Operating your system

We check the safety systems and installations in your antenna facility. As well as preventive and corrective maintenance, we also undertake tasks such as dealing with replacement parts and managing the repair & return service on your behalf.

If you would like to optimise your operating costs, we will be happy to show you how this can be done.
If your radio coverage is inadequate, we can evaluate the situation using our survey equipment, prepare test reports, and put forward suggestions for improvements.